Universal Fuel Mastercard®

If your fleet operates across Canada and the U.S. the HuskyPRO Mastercard® gives you easy access to our coast-to-coast expanded network for everyday fleet fuel purchases and beyond. 

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Card Benefits

The HuskyPRO Universal Fuel Mastercard® program is the ideal solution for corporate and commercial businesses with fleets of cars, vans, trucks, and buses of various sizes. It provides purchasing power that takes your fleet places with confidence. 

  • Detailed reporting by card 

  • Set prompts to require vehicle IDs and/or odometer readings prior to fueling

  • Use one universal card at more than 800 sites across North America

  • Get real-time transaction data to stay ahead of spending

  • Complete online controls with detailed reporting

  • Universal card acceptance means cards can be used anywhere Mastercard® cards are accepted in Canada and the U.S.

  • Less paperwork, less reconciling, less administration

  • Earn myHusky Rewards points on eligible purchases

  • Consolidates all your fuel, DEF and maintenance purchases on to one card and simplifies the way you do business


Universal Acceptance

  • Fuel anywhere in Canada and the United States where Mastercard® is accepted


Control Your Business

  • Track driver habits and limit misuse to grow your bottom line. 


Save on fuel in Canada and the United States

  • Husky has a comprehensive set of offerings to help you save.

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