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More control, more convenience

In business, every dollar makes a difference. And every minute is best spent ensuring the success of your company. The HuskyPRO Universal Fuel program will help you save money with tighter control over driver spending and save time with less paperwork, less reconciling and less administration.


Drivers can fuel at over 800 locations so there’s always a station nearby and they’re back on the road sooner. Plus you can lock their cards to fuel-only purchases so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases.


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You’re busy running your business and shouldn’t have to worry about how your drivers will pay for fuel. Keeping your drivers on the road should be your top priority.

The HuskyPRO Universal Fuel card provides the convenience of a fuel management program backed by the power and benefits of Mastercard

You’ll never search for fuel locations because you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted

  • Universal card acceptance means cards can be used anywhere MasterCard® cards are accepted in Canada and the U.S.
  • Drivers can fuel at locations outside the Husky network
  • Use one universal card at more than 800 sites across North America

Complete Online Controls

  • Set prompts to require vehicle IDs and/or odometer readings prior to fueling
  • Set dollar limits per day, per transaction or per billing cycle
  • Set purchase time restrictions to prevent off-hour spending

Manage your account online, anytime

  • Activate new cards
  • Deactivate lost or stolen fuel cards
  • Customize controls to allow purchases at fueling locations
  • Customize controls to allow purchases at the pump only

Real-time Fuel Management, Transaction Data, and Reporting

  • Detailed reporting by card
  • Real-time transaction data
  • Purchase history accessible up to 14 months
  • Exception reporting
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